113th Scandinavian Race

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Update May 22 th 2021.

Due to the restrictions that still apply, it not possible to arrange the Tour of Uppsala and Scandinavian Race 2021 as planned. 

Interest in the Tour of Uppsala and the Scandinavian Race has been very high with a total of about 40 international teams showing interest in coming to Uppsala. We are thus looking forward to 2022 with confidence and wish international and Swedish elite cyclists to Uppsala in the coming year. 

Upsala CK arranges as planned Swedish National Championship in June. Thus, the world’s oldest cycling competition, Skandisloppet, lives on in an uninterrupted sequence, the 113th edition is carried out at Tierp Arena.

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International race (UCI 1.2). The race is held under UCI-rules.

The race application is sent to race director Göran Mattsson, goran.mattsson@upsalack.se

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