3rd Tour of Uppsala

Welcome to Tour of Uppsala


Upsala CK welcomes riders and staff to Uppsala and the third edition of Tour Of Uppsala, women elite. 

Upsala CK is working very actively with an alternative plan of Tour of Uppsala. The Race will not will be conducted May 6-8. We will post further information about this year’s race in Uppsala within the next few days.

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International race WE(UCI 2.2). The race is held under UCI-rules.

The race application is sent to race director Göran Mattsson, goranmattsson.uck@hotmail.com

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Enrolment Form 2020

Invitation 2020 (English)

Technical Guide Tour Of Uppsala 2019

For more information and race application,
contact race director Göran Mattsson, goranmattsson.uck@hotmail.com